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WOW and Thanks.

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…to all the feedback.

stu :: RL ::stu :: oFake :: sugarcane :: RW

Damn sure not in the business of wdyw-esque blog post. I just wanted to give viewers who don’t frequent SuperFuture, a glimpse of how the boots look. I cant believe how much responses I have been getting for this project. Apparently the fit is nice to hahaha…In the mean time…relax. More…



6,090,000YEN…Lets talk about it…

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“Cashmere King” French brand Lucien Pillet-Finet known for his extensive line of luxury cashmere pieces, just released his luxury accesory collection. Among the collection was a diamond key chain. check the specs:

Often following darker skull motifs and hippie references amongst luxurious pieces of jewelry and garments, French designer Lucien Pellat-Finet continues his impressive designs since the labels inception in 1994. As part of this seasons luxury accessories collection, Pellat-Finet creates a diamond encrusted key chain incorporating those popular Swarovski status symbols often seen on various masterfully crafted cashmere garments. The diamond key chain is now available in limited quantities at selected retailers with a price tag of ¥6,090,000 (Approx. $6,295 USD)

word to hypebeast for the info and pic.

tag: $6, 295USD

So Lucien set the bar for all you gaude ass rock star impersonators!

Black Milk feat. Royce da 5’9 – Losing Out (track is BANANAS!!!)

bottle :: service :: please

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Anything revisited…

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just means we think it might be…classic. So excuse us for not following the timeline, and not expressing our appreciation for whatever it may be when it drops or when people think its hot. With that being said, this nigga Oddisee said…

“Its well documented im highly opinionated, however much im hated determines whether I made it, so thats how I gauge it, for every tomato thrown, its like two thongs, so the vegi’s is negated…”

 -Oddisee 101 – A Song for That

now lets cruise to the presence. I was put on to a project that I wasnt even supposed to hear about (my nigga Antoine), and now its here.



DISCLAIMER: Aint to many fuckin with this half rapper half producer…not even in each catagory…FOREAL.

DAMN…Inquiringmind Mag.

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Them dudes over at Inquiringmind Magazine are back at it, as if they never left…and better than ever. There buyers guide makes Complex Magazine look like complete shit. As always, im impressed…now lets not disappear guys…keep it coming (no homo).

Inqmnd Magazine

thanks to h(y)r collective for the info.


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Thanks Nick (radar/nois)

Eddy’s Red Wing.

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Welp. I have been waiting for these for almost a week to be done. I lov’em. The imperfections of the finish, give them character. Coincidence that Russell Moc released a Navy boot using the classic Red Wing sillouette, just in low top…check them out. The homie Eddy was the inspiration behind the Navy colorway.

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