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Brooks Brothers.

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Just in time to start shopping for those warmers days. Crusing Jake Davis blog, I stumbled upon boat shoes by Brook Brothers. Following the usual blueprint, but not the color pallette. Orange? Yup, i feel the same way. The light brown suede/nubuck looks pretty good. They also offer a boat sneaker that is pleasing as well…



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Tuesday was cool. Got to see and hear the homie Jay Promo do his co-host thing along side JBenok. I went along for the trip and was actually able to take part which was really dope. Love to learn new things, and see how people do their jobs. For Janky Slamsworth 1st time, he did a hell of a JOB! X.O. made a suprise visit to say whassup and let the listeners know what hes been up to. Featured guest Tabi Bonney came through and did a nice interview with Jay speaking on his album out called “DOPE” his philosophies on music and making it in the industry, as well as his upcoming projects. Shit, I even gained new respect for homie. X.O. and Tabi ended up traded a few verses at the end. Overall it was a dope show, JBenok is that dude! Till next Tuesday…enjoy.

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Second Best Juice.

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We all know that mango juice is the greatest juice ever created.

But you know them days when you go to the super market and see a vast variety of juices to pick from and you just can’t seem to settle on one…well wonder no more, as this will truly fill your innermost juice desires.

You will NOT be dissapointed.

Lord Quas x Kid Robot

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Yup…need this, blue and yellow so I can put them on both sides of my MADVILLAIN joint…

11 months of beauty.

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SugarCane x Self Edge 02 denim, is hands down the BEST denim I have ever worn. I think they have done a great job wearing in and have gained some really nice characteristics. I wont be retiring these completely, but I will give them its 1st wash in Feb. and just keep them! People can barely grow with you, so why not turn to material lol. Here is a link to the initial post when I 1st got these jeans…click here

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