Goodmorning 1st and foremost.

I checked out the latest interview Complex did for thier “Cut N Show” segment, on Nin Truong for Maiden Noir. While listening to the interview, I found that one thing he is most focused on, is creating timeless pieces. Pieces that he hopes will surface in other generations and still have the same affect as if it was just purchased.

“One of those, yah know, your grand kids will find it in the closet, and will think that your so cool, cause you used to own a leather jacket…”

very admirable desire. Something I completely agree with…

here is the link…


Staple Design F/W 08

Staple makes a statement AND finds ways to mature every season. With the “Science of Life” collection dropping October 22nd, I for one cant wait to check out the rest. I am loving the microscope logo as well as the V neck crew, forest green cords, and goatskin leather jacket.

check out more of Staple…


Staple is definatley not a t-shirt brand any longer!

pictures word to Highsnobiety


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