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Flying Cars…finally!

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Remember a couple years back when we were all a little younger? We all thought flying cars would happen by the time we were adults. Well at least I know me my bro and my homies did, especially after watching Back to the Future. So a couple years alter here we are and there aint shit close to flying cars! Im upset. I guess my seeds will get the luxury to experience them…or will we?!?
Check out the vid of the Moller Sky Car M200 below:

Those are slated to drop end of this year to early next year. They hover about 10 feet above the ground and go about 100mph.

But in 2010 the actual “flying car” we all dreamed about is set to release. This bad boy can go sky high and reach speeds of up to 2-300 mph. Here is a sample vid below.

I guess technology is finally coming around! If my moneys right, I’m gonna cop one of each. Get some tints/subs/exhaust and ish lmaooo. I wonder if I could add an intake get more hp! LMFAO


Come party with Wale and Shop Gentei Thursday!!!

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“That’s correct Shop Gentei faithful, we’re helping bring Wale to Bmore this Thursday, 8.30.07, thanks to Club One and Remy Martin.
Relaxed dress code means you can grab some gear here and that shop and get in to Club One with no hassle. Plus, you can get in for
FREE — but you have to get on it quick.

Guestlist is valid from 10pm-12am. Ages 21+ are admitted to this event.

PROPER 8.31.07

Proper is still going strong at Red Maple. This week we welcome the return of Baltimore Club legend Scottie B, right before he hops
on a plane to get down in Australia. Seriously, this dude is the mastermind behind pretty much every major club song ever. Welcome
him back to proper in big way.

Proper@Red Maple
930 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201


New shipments are coming in pretty much daily for fall! New MHI and Stussy just dropped off, and some super-exclusive items are on
their way. Special discounts on summer stock.


Shop Gentei will once again be renovating and retooling, fresh with a brand-new theme for fall. While we can’t tell you just yet what the
new theme will be, we can tell you that we will be closing down on September 28th and re-opening for business on October 5th. Party to follow.

Roll thru Gentei, stop by the site, and peep all the new fall merchandise…everything sold at Gentei is produced in limited quantities, so
snatch it while you can!

The Shop Gentei Famalam
1010 Morton St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
We loved the party with Commonwealth cause them dudes know how to party (I see you Lo) hahaha

So come and party with the homie Wale, Oliver and crew!

p.s. Shop Gentei is THE shit!!! big ups!!!

Drivin’ Me Wild

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Well here is the new video from Common Feat. Lilly Allen.
Common keeps evolving in every appearence. Alotta controversy behind that and the true fans can tell it. Is he making a change for the worse? Is Kanye turning this hardcore hip-hop Chicago native into some mainstream high-fashion pop mogul? You be the judge…enjoi the video!


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I know a lot of y’all didn’t pay attention in Science class because frankly neither did I. But strangely enough, the only part of science that grasped my attention was Astronomy. If you wanna see some cool shit, set your alarms for about 6:30am Tuesday morning, look up in the sky its a bird, its a plane, no its the total eclipse of the moon. Ill try to take pics and or record it for all the lazy fucks who “forget” to wake up. 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t give you a heads up.

Something great for hip hop…

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I heard the NYC Screamfest was the concert to be at! Kanye and 50 on the same stage? And I heard through the grapevines that HOV is gonna be on the official remix to “I GET MONEY” now if that happens…..

Now that looks like a concert to be at!


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Twista and Pharell-Give It Up
Finally a new beat from Pharell! I expected a little more, still dope none the less….much props to the homie ANGEL in the video! DC STANDDDD UP!