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Stussy Japan.

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“Laura” and “East meets West” tees are now avaialble at Stussy DC! I had to cop both for I am a fan of Stussys vintage photo tees from early advertisements. Make sure you come in asap. Limited run.



“East Meets West”

come check them out at Stussy DC!


Join Red!

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Product Red

Support the Product Red movement. Wwe here at Real Mango Juice support their motives.

  • To expand opportunities for the people of Africa
  • To respect its employees and ask its partners to do the same with their employees and the people who help make their products or deliver their services
  • To promote HIV/Aidsworkplace policies and practices
  • To see the power of a community mobilized for hope, health and progress
  • To ask its partners to uphold the same principles

They have many different ways you can support.

Check out for more info

Rock The Bells…You might want to be there.

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Check for more info/tour dates.


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Really been anticipating this album, especially after this interview.

Rising Up

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Black Thought and the homie Wale deff went in on this record. Peep the video, goooood shit!

Watch Your Credit…

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As fucked as the economy is now-a-days, Some of us can stash cash easily…but do YOU have good credit?

Some good folks over at UMD made this entertaining video to show you that debt will follow you everywhere!

Get to working on that credit ya’ll.

Fine Dining…

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This made it to RMJ because since the teasers surfaced in 2007, this has to be hands down one of the most controversial brands to date. Initially, at 1st glance, I was not a fan of the brand what so ever and for good reason. One becomes tired of the repetition  of  “re-creating ”  classic silhouettes and calling it their appreciation or their own interpretation. Like the infamous all-over print, I don’t necessarily believe its dead, because when executed right, 9 times outta 10 you have a great piece. I feel the same for the “re-creation” of classic designs. The American-Italian brand, Gourmet, eventually captured my attention as I was able to view the product in person and gave it a slight test run thanks to Commonwealth.


I am convinced this brand is solid. I think they are taking a classic design and giving it a premium twist. In a sence, it is more elegant and casual then the normal gaudy colors we are all used to. I dont expect everyone to like it, for it is an aquired taste. I do believe it will attract the attention of the more mature and fashion forward crowd.  Here are two styles and colors I personally thought were well done and look very dope in person.

Gourmet Cease BLK


Gourmet Diabo RED

What do you think?