So…doing my usual music run, and I felt like it was time for a post…

Music is…interesting these days. Even though most artist are following their usual blueprints, I think due to the conditions of life today as we know it, we perceive music different. Many people gravitate towards what they are used to, and others completely cut off what they dont know, while others gravitate towards music that relates to todays hardships and lifestyles. Whatever it may be, the way people listen to music today has changed in the past years. N e who…1st on deck.

Murs :: Murs for President

I dont know about this one. Murs is a very ill lyricist, and is one of those lyricist who does his best to steer clear of the typical “cliche” rapper.  Thats admirable, especially being that he has been at it for quite sometime, still following the same blueprint. Maybe its because im so used to a 9th and Murs collab, this album did not really cut it for me…can Murs only be 100% over a 9th beat? Or maybe the production selection was just a little off?

whatever it maybe :: C+

tracks to lookout for: “Im Innocent”, “Time is Now” feat. Snoop Dogg, “Break Up (The OJs Song)”, “Breakthrough”

PHONTE :: The Foreign Exchange (Leave it all Behind)

Phonte…I like Phonte. He is a great artist…ARTIST! I see his direction now. But this album didnt quite do it for me. I mean, for me, your 1st impression last the longest. Until you have conqured your mission in whatever initial endeavor, I dont think its smart to go dabbling into other worlds. So now one of the better lyricist in the game, wants to make R&B albums? Granted, he does throw down some bars, but its not enough. I would probably be more content if it was a 50/50 split. In this time of recession, N’s is gettin mad mushy to…did I not recieve the memo? Are bigger checks being cut for rappers to make “love” songs? I am not against it, but normally, you have some type of BALANCE…

I cant grade this till I listen to it again…grade: TBA

Young Jeezy :: The Recession

I am pretty late being that I am a Jeezy fan. Now this mufucka is not affected by this recession at all, and im sure a nice check was cut for this shit. I mean what can you really say about the man? Homie is sick! From album 1 to present day, homie kills the track. He has an identity, and with every bar, he makes it known. One impressive thing about artist, is when they are able to leap out of their norm, and still be able to stand strong. He got a little political with us as well as striking nerves with todays issues in the world as well as his life. Props Jeezy. Props…

I am going to go ahead and give Jeezy: B+

Tracks to look out for: “Welcome Back”, “By the Way”, “Who Dat”, “Circulate”, “My President”

Raphael Saadiq :: The Way I See It

I absolutely love this album. Cant really say much about one of the pioneers of R&B. Thanks to Terrell for making me a Early believer…if you aint got it…go get it! The whole CD is a joy to listen to…

gotta give homie an: B+++

Tracks to look out for: “Just One Kiss” feat. Joss Stone, “Stayin in Love”, “Never Give You Up” feat. CJ Hilton & Stevie Wonder, ect.

Thats it for now…please feel free to add comments…



4 Responses to “Thoughts…”

  1. The Saadiq record hasn’t left the iTunes playlist since it’s dropped. Best record = “Never Give You Up”. STEVIE AND DR. TTT!

  2. That Foreign Exchange album is dope, I’m not mad at the singing, Connected had a little bit of singing on it too. Now if it was a Little Brother album and Phonte was singing the whole time, then I’d be mad. Nicolay always been on some soulful shit and Phonte been singing so it’s fine with me.

    I agree with you about MURS, I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but I don’t think I can do a full MURS album not produced by 9th.

    I been hearing so much about Saadiq’s album, but I’m still sleeping, same for Jeezy, but you might make me go out and buy them soon actually haha. Yea I’m one of the few left on this earth who doesn’t download shit.

  3. I think when making music there are two main lines. The first being innovation, which isnt too hard of a line as the second, being fear. If you are fearful to be yourself and create music that reflects yourself you have lied to yourself as well as the people. No “Electric Circus” by Common isnt a classic to most, but to me I respect the album off of the innovation (Jay Dee makes beats that most dont believe he made), and Common’s attempt to not be fearful in altering his craft. Big Ups to the homie on this segment.
    And for Cuz sleeping on Saadiq: The Roots said, “You dont see us but we see you, you stuck on sleep get on your P’s and Q’s, cause you will get crept with no discret….

  4. nice review, i love that raphael tooooo

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