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Rims and Timbs aka The Cool.

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So, went to see Mr. Fiasco last night, as I posted early on. Out of all three shows I have seen prior to this one, this one was the worse, energy wise. 4th to last show on the tour, maybe he was tired? Possibly, ofcourse on the outside looking in, we really dont know how hard these people word. He did say he was a little sick, so ill give him a pass this time. The performance was still good. He did do a shit load of songs from Food&Liqour that I could have done without, then again, that album imo is better then The Cool. I am stil listening to The Cool trying to figure out which album is better or if its even comparable. Guest appearences from the talented Mathew Santos, the talented and beautiful Nikke Jean, and F&Fs own, Gemstones and Bishop. Gemstones = Gemini?!?!?!?!*shrugs*
but who could forget about the unreleased tracks from Lupes white rapper alias I think his name was, PO PO K – RIMS AND TIMBS, RIMS AND TIMBS!!! LMFAO comedy

Overall it was a GREAT show.

At concerts, I tend to give the opening acts a chance. Just to see if there is some REAL talent beneath the surface…WRONG!!! HAHAHA nah nah, dont get me wrong, the 1st act was dope, which was done by a New York artist, hold on, a FEMALE NY artist that goes by the name of Amanda Diva. For a long time, I was straight Lauryn Hill (till her life issues got in the way) and Rah Digga PERIOD, I could say MC Lyte, Salt, Rox, and so on but, that wasnt my time. I was still in my mothers womb. Even though I appreciate the DOPE shit they started in the culture, I grew up with Ms. Hill and Rah Digga, and Jean Grae here and there…Amanda Diva might have brought me back and put hope into my heart telling me that there are some ill female lyricist out there. Not only was she beautiful and stylish, she knew what the fuck to do with the Mic as well as how to put on a show! BIG UPs to Amanda Diva, you get mad love from RMJ.

sorry for the blurry pics.

aint she a cutie? lol thats her most current work. It is now available on Itunes, and I honestly can say, its a good purchase stepping into something new. She will definatly be gettin some spins in whatever im mixin…


check her myspace and take a listen.

Amanda Diva


Going back to what I was saying about the opening acts, this one cat really gave DC a bad name claiming hip hop and spittin that garbage, but, here on RMJ we are not here to bash but to help. So, we let’em live.

back to the show. Lupe’s opening act was rediculous! Talk about an act that really livens up the crowd for the main attraction. You would have thought they were trying to steal the show. I mean you had a good mix of Rock, Jazz, Raggae AND Hip-Hop. This cat goes by the name of Optimus (along with his band). He hails from California and it seems that Lupe hand picked Optimus to open up for him on this tour, and I must say that was a damn good pick. Friend even purchased the CD so ill let people know how it is soon. If its anything like there performance, check them out. Shits DOPE.

check his myspace out @ Optimus

now for the main attraction. Lupe, his friends, and band…

So as soon as dude steps on the stage, ofcourse he got on some shit that im like wtf. I mean im into fashion very much, so im trying to break down the fit cause the Jacket was redic. I hate Supra Skytops especially in that corny ass GOLD colorway but he freaked it, cant fake. Custom made Dr. Romanelli flight jacket made especially for Mr. Fiasco??? Looks so but I still could be wrong. He performed songs from Food&Liqour in this fit.

SO ILL!!! Im really gonna say its Dr. Romanelli on this one…I dont know what collection but if you followed his work, it looks like something he created. Gold Coast Shrine Club???

what can I say I like the freakin Jacket. LMAO

then, they take a break, but NOOOO…NOT Gemstones. He put on a small show for the crowd during intermission.

Lupe back to the stage…to me, the clothes change was the transition and growth from Food&Liqour, to The Cool. Sporting a blk leather studded jacket looks like something from Neighborhood or even False. Guilty Brotherhood tee under, Dita glasses, Dior Waxed denim (geez) and some german military inspired boot/hi-tops that were BAD ASS. Any high end european designer could have made those, they looked like Dior but I dont know!!! What can I say, I know my shit…somewhat. lol

well. there you have it. it was a great show…

in conclusion, I dont think I can do these types of shows any longer, not when the artist has gained such popularity. Fans act like fools foreal. I LOVE music, and adore alotta peoples work but I swear, people go above and beyond to show their appreciation, and quite frankly, its kind of sickning. Ill do hip hop shows/battles, and shows with people under the radar, but I dont think I can do anymore of these shows. Girl in front of me did not know how to act…smh.

p.s. damn theres alot of free advertisement on this page! lol its all good, as long as its for a good reason!

Fugees – Cowboys (Just listen to how Ms. Hill and Digga MURDER the track!!!)


Super Mario x Mastamind DJ Celebrants!

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This past weekend we celebrated the born days of our good friends Mario and Mastamind DJ.

Ain’t nothing like enjoying good times with friends in a luxury suite at the lavish lounge and hotel known as Hotel Helix.

A couple flicks when inebriation didn’t affect me too much.

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Who wants a new cooch?

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So i’m laying in my bed and I get an instant message from my wing woman twin with this.

Who wouldn’t get out of bed for some cooch?

Shiiittt…I’ve never paid for cooch before but this might be the first and last time…

Here’s the link if any one decides to purchase before me. Tell em the Real Mango Juice boys sent ya.


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We all know Mr. Lil Wayne has recently gotten pinched. I wish him and his team the best of luck and hope they beat it. Here is footage of him at his first show since he got hemmed up. He seems pretty upset, rightfully so. If someone indeed turned they back on him. I totally feel where he’s coming from. Fake ass niggas are at an all time high lately so beware. Thats why I roll with real niggas only.

iphone users, apparently hate on the Voyi.

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So, until the iphone makes its so called “upgrades” im going to brag and deem the Voyager superior for a few reasons. No fronting here, the Iphone is a REALLY nice phone and is at the cutting edge of technology, BUT certain features are somewhat limited when compared to the Voyager. For instance, the Navigational system, while the ipnone has a map and routing system, the Voyager has a map, routing system, and gives VERBAL+VISUAL DIRECTIONS from point A to point B. It acts as a real automobile-installed navigational system. I dont know if the Iphone offers that upgrade. I know it doesnt now cause im playing with it…ill check.

Another interesting feature, message playback. I am guessing they added this in order to utitlize your text messanger while you are on the go. Driving and text messaging at the same time is dangerous, yet we do it all the time. Now, you can pick up a text message by the push of a button, without taking your eyes of the wheel and getting an actual playback. It even goes as far as detecting insant messanger phrases such as “lol” and breaks it down into “laugh out loud” which I found very interesting. Iphone…can you do any of this? lol

Here is a text I got from my best friend Monique (iphone user)…LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF!!!

now that had me dying of laughter…oh and the playback…pricesless!!!

If shit like this is out, no telling what is brewing up for the future. Shit, I wonder what they got cooking over in Japan as we speak.

only time will tell….


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Now we are trying not to give out information that has already been posted on other sites because of the simple fact that, its boring and its no point in posting something that has been re-posted 20 million times. At times there are acceptions, and this my friend is one because of the simple fact that friends of mine who collect (I dont collect like I used to) sneakers, till this day, are always complainging about why we dont buy dunks. The main reason being, these rediculous leather tongues, and another is the rediculous colorways. So you must know we were a bit ecstatic about the  Vintage “BTTS” collection releasing, paying homage to the OG colorways which paved the way for what the dunk has become today, and giving it that aged feel to’em. For this release, Nike South East Asia took the appreciation of the release a little further constructing a very nice locker to store all the BTTS colorways.


The lockers are made as part of the Dunk campaign’s initiatives. Word has it these lockers might even be given away as lucky draw during their series of Dunk events in South East Asia. (via Streething).

I think its a really dope project. I am still tryna figure out if I should cop all or a few…

let my funds be the judge of that…Nike…please stop. lol.

images/information via Hypebeast, Streething, and Royalefam

Colin Munroe

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video is interesting.

homie is dope, props to Wiesman for putting me on.

check out his remix he did to kanyes flashing lights….absolutely fantastic.

im sure this guy will be seeing those flashing lights he wants.