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These made me smile today. 1 shoes that was a bit hard to obtain being that it was a

Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid Premium Tennis (317553-101)

nice way to start off 2008.

Nike Trainer

as seen in the latest SneakerFreaker


Happy Holiday…Shoppers Delight.

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1st and formost.

The good people of Real Mango Juice would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday in whatever you celebrate! Stay Blessed.


Here, I would like to present to you one of the very few companies (sites) that live up to its own expectations in my opinion. Being that this generation thrives on exclusivity and originality, it is very seldom that companies can actually live up to such expectations.

“…beauty, originality, invention, and genius…”

are the qualities that this company keeps in mind while they embark on their journeys around the world in search of those few unique items in support of the creative minds behind them. To make a long story short, I fuck with this company very much! hahahaha.

Charles & Marie – The Quintessential Lifestyle Navigator

I do agree this company captures the pure essence of what a “Lifestyle” store is supposed to be because I feel many have been lead astray as to what it can be keeping it limited! YOU GOT MY SUPPORT!!!

and if you are like me, a procrastinator of the holidays, take a look, their are many gift ideas and personal gifts for those who like to treat their selves.

Our picks/Gift ideas:

1. Michael Young PXR-5 Ultra Noir watch

2. Dosh Wallet

3. Alphabetical paper clips

4. Stop Talking (Someone is guaranteed to get a kick out of this shit)

5. Shoplifter tote bag (bound to turn a few heads)

6. Ember – Scented candles

7. Jonas Damon LED Alarm clock

and their are a few items in Marie’s Closet that im pretty sure a few women would get a kick out of and find useful. Lit-er-ly!!! HAHAHA.

check it out. one of the dopest places to shop with an array of items that can please everyone!

again have a blessed Holiday!


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LMFAO….I knew there was something different about Remy Ma! Sike naw we love you, the whole NYC standup!


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I know yall remember the chocolate rain phenomenon. I know I sure did during my many many hazy nights when I was looking for comical relief. Now the lil homie signed a deal wit Dr. Pepper and is making big moves lol. Peep the new vid.

Shout out to my big homie P.Stew from the west coast to for posting the vid on his blog Next Thing first.
Check it out its deff one of the newer/stronger blogs coming from a vet in the music and movie business. What he says fucking matters.
<—- Check the link “Next Thing” in the links section and enjoy!


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As young Jordan fans, we have all anticipated the Jordan 23. We wondered if the line was going to stop there etc. etc. After all, it is his iconic jersey number. But a sketch has surfaced the net. Here it goes.



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The homie Sais finally dropped his debut mixtape after being delayed for many many months. Dude hails out of Queens NY and Bethlehem. Check it out. to download the mixtape!