DAMN…Inquiringmind Mag.

Them dudes over at Inquiringmind Magazine are back at it, as if they never left…and better than ever. There buyers guide makes Complex Magazine look like complete shit. As always, im impressed…now lets not disappear guys…keep it coming (no homo).

Inqmnd Magazine

thanks to h(y)r collective for the info.


6 Responses to “DAMN…Inquiringmind Mag.”

  1. thank you for putting me on.

    i always heard that complex is a poor man’s GQ. meaning, when complex puts something in their magazine, GQ put it in like 2 seasons before.

    is there any truth to this!?

    clearly i’m tryna start a convo on RMJ. yzr.

  2. my man Modi…

    For me, it depends on what market you fall in to. GQ is strickly contemporary mixed with high end fashion on a very mature scale. Complex is for the streetwear + sneaker appreciator as well as connoisseur. When it comes to comparing who cators to each catagory, the CEO of a company who makes 6+ digits would probably be into GQ whereas your highschool/collage/middle aged street culture and anything around it consumer would gravitate towards Complex. For most part its on the individual whether you want to call it “poor mans” GQ. Also, its two different types of interest. Then there is the consumer that takes que’s from both markets and molds it into his own…creating a nice balance…

    it depends on how you look at it. Complex isnt as intriquite with what they showcase, and what they frontline, might not be in the same realm of what GQ may showcase…I just think maturity levels differ the two publications…

  3. wow. you all keep it thorough with the breakdown. i feel the maturity level of each. i strolled into a bookstore in boston looking for this joint “choke” written by the same guy who wrote “fight club” (before it became a movie), and while i browsed, i compared each magazine. GQ is something that maybe even my dad could appreciate. i think complex focuses more on subculture and the younger demographic.

    that’s just my take though. y’all need to be style consultants. that’s just my opinion. but you could make more bread than a bakery. goodness.

    oh, and i don’t know if anybody cares, but i put the entire thing of moonwalker (that michael jackson movie) on the blog in HD quality. ha. enjoy.

  4. checking it out…

    and for the most part, both publications are pretty late on supplying viewers with whats to come, being they release monthly, whereas blogs and online magazines frequent updates…

  5. tru, tru. magazines can give you an in-depth look though, plus they make more $$$ (i’m guessing? more like an educated guess though, cuz i’m in a magazine class right now and i’m deciding what my mag should be about. which is part of the reason this was so great) cuz they are paying some pretty well known writers and have subscriptions and news stand sales.

  6. word…thats whassup.
    not to in-tune with the dynamics of running such a publication. I must ask though, due to the rise of online publications and free forms of how you gain info for whatever the interest, do you think one day magazines will become obsolete? I mean think about, between the bs subscription one must make, and having to wait a whole month (for the most part) for whatever is new, innovative and informative, why do all that when there are websites now a days? On-line magazines usually provide you with day to day information and iTs free.


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