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Fresh from Japan, you’ve probably seen the collab they did with Twiggy x Fader Japan, or the Staten Island fitted they did with FRANK 151, or the “Kicks Box” all over print they are imfamous for that was featured on Freshness Mag. Now, they have made there way onto the shelves of my homies over at Shop Gentei, and why am I not suprised. I thought I would be wearing OriginalFake and Stussy for a while but, I think Applebum has made a point to slide into my wardrobe with the few pieces that have dropped at Shop Gentei recently.

My likes…

Love Yone tee.

Liquor Bitch raglan ***my fav***

and this…this is just ill. I feel like this was meant to be. Honestly, this is what sparked why I am even making this post. I was just able to obtain a pair of BRED Jordan retro 1’s (01′) along with the Carmine 6’s (sooo ill). Low and behold, I found something to wear with them.

MJ Ferrari raglan

now who would have thought of that shit? shits ill, in my opinion  of course.

what you guys think?

word to Shop Gentei


‘Pure Spirit of Brazil’ Competition

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Dazed and Confused Magazine is currently running a competition for all talented photographers / graphic artists that can capture the pure essence of Brazil.

Your photos don’t have to be of Brasil itself, but they do have to evoke the Pure Spirit of Brasil – not the Brasil of the tourists’ trail, but the Brasil of street parties, beach football, midnight swimming, or a glass of caipirinha.

We’ll also select one overall winner who will receive £1000 worth of Canon vouchers, with two runners-up getting £500 worth of Canon vouchers. Dazed Digital readers will also have the chance to cast an online vote for their favouriteentry, and the readers’ winner will win £500 worth of Canon vouchers. Both the overall winner and the readers’ winner will have their work published in the October issue.

Competition ends June 30th so submit those images ASAP.

Lupe Fiasco – Where Do I Go (unreleased)

Analyze This LOL

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Wale-Artistic Integrity

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Damn this is what happens when people love what they do.

Closest thing to perfect I’ve seen in a long time.

Big thanks to Rik.

Lil Hop

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(courtesy of RealTalkNY)


Jay-Z – Imaginary Player

iPhone 3g Porn Friendly

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“Leading porn purveyors see the iPhone as a dream come true. Its relatively ample screen size, speedy Web access and ease of use are just part of it. The device’s miniaturized version of Apple’s Safari software simplifies mobile access and streamlines the process of tailoring dirty sites for optimal viewing on the go. “It’s by far the porn-friendliest phone,” says Devan Cypher, representative for San Francisco–based Sin City Entertainment. As evidence of the gadget’s rocketing popularity in California’s porn capital, the San Fernando Valley, numerous iPhone-specific porn sites have been launched in recent months. “There are a few hundred iPhone porn sites now in use,” says Farley Cahen, vice president of business development for AVN Media Network, the adult industry’s trade body.”

(Via Time)

One Word:

I’m sure Kanye can appreciate this.
Kanye discussing porno

50 cent releases new mixtape “Sincerely yours”

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This is a dope concept of going over the old beats….I think it could’ve been freaked a lil better….


He is doing a lot of promo for the this TOS album.  I hear its some hard shit on here…..We Shall SEE

old skool lovers!!!!   Enjoy

G Unit-Sincerely Yours