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ONLINE = cocaine?!?!

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Okay, this shits bananas. I was curious as to what my favorite song from Brothers Johnson, Strawberry Letter 23, meant? So, I googled it. To my suprise, I found this site called Little skepital, but I checked it out. Its pretty much a forum, that cators to people personal, most intelligent answers to what certain songs mean. I found out what Strawberry Letter 23 meant…some DEEP shit. It gets better though. I fuck with Gnarls Barkley, BOTH ALBUMS are beyond its time. I can admit, some of the contant is so deep, my brain dies everytime trying to figure out the true meaning of their craft. So one song I looked up in particular from the 1st album was “Online.” Now this song has a really dope beat to it, really classic, 70’s, electic guitar, bass hit type shit…So factor those characteristics with the content. peep the lyrics as well as results.

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Another personal again.

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On my personal shit again…only cause my daily is hectic and the substance is not always good.

photography by Terry Richardson

some lovers, some haters, most just pretend. Why not wait till the new years? cause you probably didn’t read my post prior to this one, idiot. This is NOT a new years resolution, this is not what I plan to change “in the 09.” This is ME on a personal level, me changing cause now is the time, not cause of the time. Put in random order to create some balance. For your Tuesday morning read. Goodnight Monday. (Italian people call blk people Mondays HAHAHA)

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Funniest shit I have seen in a while. Browsing Matt George (United Front) blog…Snoop Dogg n Martha!


Now you know I watch porn.

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…I remember a little while ago, somebody sent the release of Charles Halmiltons video “Brooklyn Girl” to RMJ’s email. Its hard going through all the emails of people asking to put up certain music, but, I gave it a chance. Its not bad…but the video…HAHAHAHAHAHA

yeah, thats her. Lacey herself…im still laughing! Stop frontin, ya’ll know ya’ll know who she is…HAHAHAHA

is that backwards? Pornstar gone video vixen, or just overqualified? you be the judge!!!

Monique, this is for you homie!!!

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Stopped by Jeff Staples blog, and noticed, he had a post on the Black berry Storm vs. Iphone. Although, I am somewhat new to the Blackberry family, it didnt take me long to be loyal to the BB family. Iphone smiphone I say…im not gonna say, FUCK the iphone, but I like my Blackberry. As far as function, nothing beats. My upgrade, will be with either the Blackberry Bold in 09 (hopefully) or the 8900 that released in Europe (drools). My bestfriend and I are always disputing as to whats the best. The other day, I was in the elevator with an elder fellow, and my man just blurted out “…I just cant get rid of this thing, its the best phone I have ever had” refering to his 8700…I completely agreed with him. hahaha

This one is for you Mo. ūüėČ



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I literally just went through about 15 pages of this blog…fuck kinda shit is that?

You know, you always here shit about alotta shit just being involved or even taking interest in whatever social networks that you gravitate towards. I have been hearing alotta shit about this dude, shit¬†I even saw dude randomly¬†backstage¬†at Rock the¬†Bells. N e who, this dudes site will tap into your every emotion and have you¬†hit just about every facial expression possible. I laughed (alot), I “uhhh and ahhhh”, screw faced, yuk face, interesting face…shit, even a fuck face…I think everyone should have nights like this dude, at least once..or twice lol.

enjoy. at your own risk ofcourse…



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 (shot I took on my way to work Christmas morning)

So far, the holidays have been good to me. Special things all from very special people.

*wings+horns merino wool scarf :: wings + horns oatmeal scarf :: red wing oiled leather boot :: common projects achillies low all courtesy of FOR THE GREATER GOOD (be sure to check them out, they just got a small, yet NICE shipment of W+H, the shits even better in person)

Thank you loved ones.

Now I am awaiting the gift to myself ūüôā