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Supreme at it again?

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I sure hope so…im becoming a real fan of these portrait “box tee” tees. Lord I wish I didnt sell my Rae x Elmo or Dip tee…it was just TOO big!!! found on Hypebeast forums by Blownupdaspot

not soldified but I hope so…spotted in Soho.

shamelessplug. anyone got Large in the Dipset, Reakwon, Mike Tyson tees. Lemme know!

lol im serious!!!

 thanks. email


Rainydayz -> In Rainbows

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Amplive's Rainydayz
Track Listing

, the impressive producer and one half of Zion I, recently remixed 8 tracks from Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’.
Being a Radiohead fan myself, I was hoping this wasn’t a butchering of one of my favorite Radiohead albums. I was happily surprised to have a true eargasmic experience.
Amplive went through complications during the process of releasing this compilation to the public, but he was able to get permission to release it and it is available for to entire public to listen to for free.
Download it for free by clicking the Cover Art image above.

Oh You Ain’t Know?

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Jay-Z’s newest video, ‘I Know’, directed by Philip Andelman.
Zoe Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz’s daughter, is the leading lady in this cinematic interpretation of the drug referenced track. I envy you Ben Foster.


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Every month we are going to be bringing you a new artist. Whether it be a rapper, producer, sculptor whatever.

This month, it is my pleasure to bring to you, rapper, by way of uptown DC, XO.


His new release, TIMELESS is an EP, which is entirely produced by Judah. It is releasing on March 1, 2008. He gave us the right to give you guys an early sample of whats to come.

He stopped by to answer a few questions about himself and things to come.

RMJ: Why do you call yourself XO?

XO: XO means unknown origin. Sometimes I have a different shock value on people. People don’t expect me to be so lyrical.

RMJ: When did you first start rhyming? What was your first rhyme?

XO: 1999, and I dont remember. I do remember it was some shit though (laughs.) I had to keep writing and re-writing to get good. Practice makes perfect.

RMJ: How was your childhood and growing up top in NW?

XO: It was tough man. My pops left early on. My mom tried her best to make ends meet. She went to school full time so between that and work it was hard raising me. The streets raised me. Georgia and Kenyon, thats where I was raised. It was tough, DC wasn’t no playground.

RMJ: Did your parents influence you musically at all?

XO: Of course. I was exposed to music at an early age because of them. Both of my folks went to Howard University. Both played in the Howard Marching Band. Thats how they met. So early on, I was at all the practices and everything. Every Howard Homecoming since 85′ I would sit at the Alumni section and watch my mom kill it. My parents used to play go-go out in Georgetown for money and all that. They did block parties and all.

RMJ: Do you have a certain message, or picture you are trying to show through your music?

XO: Yea, I’m trying to show the struggle in the black community and show there is a way out, a way to make it. My mother moved me from DC because the schools were the worst. I remember being in a classroom and sharing one book with like 5 kids. We moved out to PG so my mother could make a name for herself, as well as provide opportunity for me. As a younging I would be around all the old heads and they would pass down the knowledge to me. I was enlightened by the elders and you can deff see that in my music.

RMJ: Who were your favorite hip-hop mc’s? And who had the most influence on you?

XO: First would have to be Biggie Smalls. His style was so gutter. He made me want to rap. Then DMX, Tu-Pac, and last but not least Jay-Z.

RMJ: I would have thought Jay would have been your number one.

XO: I got into Jay late. I really didn’t get into Jay until Volume 3 came out. But hes deff up there. I love Reasonable Doubt.

RMJ: What new artist are you feeling the most now?

XO: Lupe, hes creative.

RMJ: Which of his albums did you prefer?

XO: The first one it was more creative and touched on a range of different topics. The second one is ill but focused around one concept.

RMJ: When did you start getting serious with rap?

XO: Mann it was like in high school, I was in a group….called Hoodlum. We was on some wild Wu-Tang shit. We just started freestlying everywhere and anywhere in a group, shit was crazy. Thats when I got introduced to the whole U Street hip-hop scene which definitely opened my eyes musically. Because you had to come correct up there. Madesure your rhymes was tight and freestyles on point. Niggas would just say words and point at shit and you would have to start going.

RMJ: What producers have you worked with and planning to link with from the area?

XO: Oddisee, YU, Judah, Slimkat, Duncan, Enduhstreatz, and Mastamind. Anyone else that got some heat, holla at me. I want to work with everyone.

RMJ:The song that has gotten you most attention has been, “Ridin” produced by DC’s own Oddisee. Its one of my favorite tracks from you. How was it to record that?

XO: Thanks but the funny thing is I actually had a whole other song written to that beat. But right before I went to the studio I scrapped it, re-wrote it and got this. Make sure to watch out for the Ridin Remix ft. Wale which will be on the Takeover 2 “For Real Niggas Only.”

Check Ridin’ out below in case you missed it:

RMJ: Whats next for XO?

XO: This Timeless EP releases on March 1st. We having a party at Pure, which was formerly Bar Nun on U Street. Everyone going to be there come check it out . My next mixtape, The Takeover 2 “For Real Niggas Only” is slated to drop around May make sure you look out for that.

RMJ:Any last words for the people?

XO: Its a movement out here. Get to learn me and the DC sound. DC has true hip-hop shit.

Check his myspace out:

Timeless EP




TRACK 3: This track below is my personal favorite on the ep.




Hope ya’ll enjoyed the music. Post all feedback.

Oh yea and a special treat for everyone

Ridin’ Remix Ft. Wale-


American Boy

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Kanye swagging on em with the fur.

Love Like This

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I don’t know why I’m loving this record all of a sudden. Its getting me ready for summertime because the weather has been ugly as hell lately.

And you know Wayne had to bless it with a verse.

Columbian Devil’s Breathe.

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The homie Jay put me onto this shit. I sat in complete “aww” watching this documentary, that I must say was well put together.

“Its called Floripondio…

its scientific name is Datura…

…from there, you extract, Scopolamine…

But in Columbia…we call it Borracherro or The Devils Plant…”


Imagine, a substance so powerful that it can render a persons capability of free-will, while you are completely conscience and articulate. Also, being vulnerable to simple suggestions such as, “take me to your home”, or “give me the money in your ATM” and waking up to having absolutely no knowledge of what happened during the time this substance took its course. Scary shit huh? Scary to know some shit like this even exist! here is a clip from the 1st of 9 segments.

check for more info and the rest of the documentary. shits CRAZY!