Anything revisited…

just means we think it might be…classic. So excuse us for not following the timeline, and not expressing our appreciation for whatever it may be when it drops or when people think its hot. With that being said, this nigga Oddisee said…

“Its well documented im highly opinionated, however much im hated determines whether I made it, so thats how I gauge it, for every tomato thrown, its like two thongs, so the vegi’s is negated…”

 -Oddisee 101 – A Song for That

now lets cruise to the presence. I was put on to a project that I wasnt even supposed to hear about (my nigga Antoine), and now its here.



DISCLAIMER: Aint to many fuckin with this half rapper half producer…not even in each catagory…FOREAL.


One Response to “Anything revisited…”

  1. Foot In The Door was ill, about to give this a listen.

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