WOW and Thanks.

…to all the feedback.

stu :: RL ::stu :: oFake :: sugarcane :: RW

Damn sure not in the business of wdyw-esque blog post. I just wanted to give viewers who don’t frequent SuperFuture, a glimpse of how the boots look. I cant believe how much responses I have been getting for this project. Apparently the fit is nice to hahaha…In the mean time…relax. More…



17 Responses to “WOW and Thanks.”

  1. clean fit homie.

  2. Love the coat.

  3. I’m not your friend =X


  5. Illy. I didn’t know you posted on SuFu.

  6. Clean fit, Red Wings came out good!

  7. You aint fly son!
    Thats some dope winter steez type shit tho…
    The Jacket n RW’s are bananas!

  8. I see you Adrian. Clean fit homie

  9. appreciate the love folks…

  10. waywt blog post is so next level

  11. Mike…shut up lmao…

  12. yeah man I already hit you up about those
    they are great

  13. This is mad nice.

  14. Nice and simple but extremely detailed… it’s all about the details. I added the blog, chum.

    The denim is looking good too.

  15. i like your lugz. i think they’re on sale at journeys.

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