Pick-up w/o purchase (DB x SF members party continuation…)

I will be doing a little segment on RMJ called PAD which stands for “Paying Attention to Detail.” I think my fellow RMJ members as well as myself share one thing in common when it comes to items we are fond of. Whether it be music or fashion or eating Guinea Pigs (LMFAO thats why yah ass sick now Ravi), we try to get as much out of things then just a visual. Taking into consideration what usually isnt. I know RMJ member Dan will take good use of this because many conversations, discussions, whatever dialogue we engage in about anything goes into alot of detail…so this is somewhat of an example of it.

Visvim G. Line Sausalito (Hockney)

unlike the Kiefer Mid box, the G. Line box is styled in an overlapping fold, with strings on each side that slide into the pin closure. An American flag imprinted on the inside to signify the American market which is what the G. Line was created for.

boat-shoe inspired with a Visvim twist. Able to keep the modern look but with a very updated finish.

so peace.

next item was something I obtained, as well as fellow Mango Juice member Ravi, at the Denim Bar x StyleForum members party.

Selfedge x Sugar Cane 02

These are Sugar Canes 1st slim fitting denim EVER! I personally was not a fan of how normal Sugar Cane denim fit because their cuts are based on vintage styles that were considerably loose, sometimes to loose. These fit perfectly though! Thanks to Denim Bar for suplying and thanks to Selfedge for a spectacular denim!

Selfedge description:

  • 14.5 ounce Double ring-spun Raw Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim (Denim from Sugar Cane’s highest priced repro, The 1955)
  • Hidden Rivets
  • Sugar Cane Logo Buttons
  • Ostrich Skin Leather Tag
  • Houndstooth Fabric Pocket Bags
  • Slim Cut (Sugar Cane’s First Slim Cut Ever)
  • A True Unisex Cut

Ostrich patch is my favorite part of the denim.

houndstooth pocket lining.

Sorry Brandon, went with the Canes instead of the RRLs

and both items would have set anyone back, but when you got things people want, you spend nothing!


One Response to “Pick-up w/o purchase (DB x SF members party continuation…)”

  1. […] January 26, 2009 SugarCane x Self Edge 02 denim, is hands down the BEST denim I have ever worn. I think they have done a great job wearing in and have gained some really nice characteristics. I wont be retiring these completely, but I will give them its 1st wash in Feb. and just keep them! People can barely grow with you, so why not turn to material lol. Here is a link to the initial post when I 1st got these jeans…click here […]

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