Second Best Juice.

We all know that mango juice is the greatest juice ever created.

But you know them days when you go to the super market and see a vast variety of juices to pick from and you just can’t seem to settle on one…well wonder no more, as this will truly fill your innermost juice desires.

You will NOT be dissapointed.


6 Responses to “Second Best Juice.”

  1. Gotta agree this use to be a $1 at walmart till this whole recession idea took hold

  2. V8 splash is still the best, and the healthiest.

  3. Skip that son. I head right for the purple stuffffffffffffffff.

  4. i need that^ wddup so i can write a review on its effects lol

  5. LATE!! That is my favorite juice dude.

  6. Bolthouse Farms. The Mango Lemonade!

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