…Stussy World Tour Be@bricks

Thanks again to all who were able to make it out to Stussy DC’s soft opening. Things were quite hectic in the begining but from the responces I have gotten thus far, people are really feeling it! It was a great day especially because it was accompanied by a nice dinner with staff afterwards (sorry, no pics)

Still got alot of work to do in order to be in the swing of things as my manager says. Stick with us and we will keep updating everyone! Stussy DC taking over!!!

whats new?

-Balancing two jobs

-Erykah Badu’s album drops Today!

-Sugar Canes are on its…17th day straight and looking marvelous. pics after 6 months…

-new pic ups 🙂


-and does Ms. Clinton have no shame? smh. Congrats to Obama the new president!

-Camp Lo – The Milky Lowa (9th Wonder)

some words. not mine, but to live by…

Appearing better then others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no faults or weaknesses. Envy creates silent enemies. It is smart to occasionally display defects, and admit to harmless vices, in order to deflect envy and appear more human and approachable. Only gods and the dead can seem perfect with impunity. 

Law 46: Never Appear too Perfect (Robert Greene)

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