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Thats the official album cover for the big homies debut with Interscope Records.

Make sure you cop that on October 20, 2009.

Im deff feeling it. I feel like I like the fluorescent blue hue used, deff makes it pop/stand out. Im sure its gonna grab attention on them shelves, where they shouldnt stay for long! (by Gods grace of course)

Debut hiphop albums wit black children on the cover win…





How dope would it be if Nike did a special edition of the Neon Green Uptempos, which were retro’d earlier this year, with that WALE AD blue instead! Size 9 over here if they ever come to fruition…



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Wow, I was immediately taken back by this video. Im loving the black + white theme used, as well as it looking more like a mini-movie rather than an actual video. The lyrics do just that, by painting the perfect image, and director Parris executed it perfectly.

The opening scene you know is pure awesomeness, you know.


“Sometimes the best way to see a person is by not looking at them at all…” Jay-Z


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Fresh off of his interview on WKYS with PStew and the One Nation Hip Hop Show, this past Saturday, Uptowns Finest XO drops his 4th mixtape effort. In conjunction with AB the Producer, who has deff come a long way sonically, and we deff respect his conglomerate.

This mixtape isnt the usual dark, raw, gutter sound we’ve come to expect from XO, but offers a new fresh & smoother soundm he’s created alongside AB. In my humble opinion, it definitely works.

We were the first to introduce XO to the blogosphere during this interview way back when and are extremely proud to see him making big strides in his career. With multiple mentions in the city paper and washington post alike, this young talented MC is sure to be making alot of noise in the upcoming months.


Recommended tracks are #2 For Real Niggas Only, #4 Time Out,  #5 All I Had (this ones for my ganja lovers), & #9 Idle Hands Ft. Gordo

PS: Shout out MastMindDJ for the ill logo to, I love that shit! I still need my tee with that on it!


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Original Fake teamed up with longtime shoelace designer Stark Laces for these dope shoestrings. Stark Laces have been making some interesting shoelaces for quite sometime now but these really set it off.

Feel free to throw em in any pair of sneaker, ladies wrap them around your head, fellas use them as a belt for all I care. You cant go wrong with these chomper inspired laces.I see the blk/wht pair looking lovely in my black ballistic skate hi’s. Mhmmm

Just use them somewhere and everywhere except for hanging yourself and you should be just fine.

P-Rod III x Nike SB

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This young 24 year old never ceases to amaze.

Very well put together video.


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DC has alot of talent to offer. Whether it be talented mc’s, singers, artists, photographers or designers. I mean, you name it we got it.

Kingpin Slim aka The Kitchen Magician is one of those talented mc’s, who has been making some noise in the city for some years now. He’s done a great job keeping himself relevant in the streets from mixtapes, street singles and much more. He first caught my attention by being the first DC rapper featured on the infamous “Unsigned Hype” section of The Source magazine in their 200th issue.

He is now Beaming Up all over DC and the east coast, with the hit single “Powder for the Babies.”


Check it ou,t enjoy, leave some feed back.

And like we been saying, DC GOT NEXT!


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Shot in Hells Kitchen NYC.

Shoutout to the big homies Steve/Adam.

Fresco wddup.