Funkadelic Freestyles 043 + 044 Podcast

This past Tuesday (8.25.09), J-$crilla released his debut album Culture of Honor to the masses. (It’s available for $7.99 with all the instrumentals on Amazon). We asked $crilla and his Inner Loop family to join us in-studio to celebrate the release, and they gladly obliged. Here’s the podcast in full – split into two fantastic hours. Part one features a special phone call from activist and radio host Sabir Bey, who addressed the media, politics, and KRS-One & Buckshot’s new album. Part two includes an in-depth interview with J-$crilla and a side-splitting cypher from Sketch, K-Beta, & Lyriciss. Also, DJ MAF mixes the first hour, and DJ Jerome Baker III mixes the second. [NOTE: There is a small amount of skipping throughout this podcast, but it is tolerable and it won’t ruin your eardrums]

PODCAST: FF 043 – Pt. 1 (feat. Sabir Bey)
PODCAST: FF 043 – Pt. 2 (feat. J-$crilla, Sketch, Lyriciss, & K-BETA)

You’ve never seen a podcast go up this fast! That’s because last night’s show was simply incredible. 2006 was the last time DC legend and emcee Asheru had visited the WRGW studios, a year before J.ben.ok joined the station. Three years later, our esteemed cohost and fellow RMJuicer, Unkle Scooty runs into Asheru and convinces him to stop by the studio (thank goodness). On Saturday, J.ben.ok ran into Kingpen Slim backstage at LOVE and made sure he’d be joining us early on Thursday night. Then Kokayi calls J.ben.ok up on Tuesday, finds out Ash is hanging with us, and agrees to sit in on Thursday. Now that’s what you call a successful three-hour show.

Part one features our interview with Kingpen Slim, covering everything from his beginnings to his now-promising future. Part two features a special call-in from FWMJ (we tried to get donations for Rappers I Know, y’all failed) and the start of our conversation with Asheru, Kokayi, and special guest Blackberry Jones. Part three features the most poignant discussion we’ve had in months, the premiere of the Blackberry Jones x Michael Jackson remix project King of Chop, and a spectacular cypher with our three guests. Oh, and did I mention a special call-in from the newest member of the Low Budget Crew, Hassaan Mackey?


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