The Urban Hang Suite


RMJ was personally invited to a brand new social event by ConArtists Guild and LNdour Sunday 9.06.09 as they translate Soho to DC @Studio10. Like such private NYC happenings, all individuals attending this event are of an exclusive order, where style equals substance. The specs below:

We know all too well that looks can be deceiving…The UrbanHangSuite will prove this further, by pitting grit versus glamour, with Studio 10 creating the perfect contrast of environments. Not a lounge or club, but a private loft studio which boasts 5000 sq ft, 30 ft ceilings, 2 levels, and multiple bars. Set in a nondescript location, the raw, rigid exterior is properly balanced by the awe of its plush loft space.

Break from the routine, and see what the beauty of new discovery offers.

PS: If you need to know the dress code, you may not want to attend.


The ConArtists Guild // LNdour

LaborDayWknd :: Sun 9.06.09 :: 10 – Until

@Studio 10


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