We’ve been highly anticipating this album here over some time, as Jadakiss is one of our favorite mc’s. With all the delays and push backs its finally released on the 7th. Wasn’t able to get it until the 8th being that it sold out all over NW DC on the day it debuted. Below is a little write up covering a few of the highs and lows of the album.


Pros: Hard lyrics from cover to cover. Great features. Fav tracks in order are:

Death Wish Ft.Lil Wayne Prod. by Alchemist (beat knocks extremely hard, must play at loud volumes)

Jada’s first verse is completely out of this world specifically the first few bars:

“They was on the road to the riches, but got off on the exit, real disrespect shit, its hard to digest it, when a nigga try and fuck up your an investment…”

Weezy also does an amazing job. One of his better verses since Dedication 2 and Drought 3 days.

“Im knockin niggas down this year, I’m on my timber shit..”

What a way to end the album. Again Alchemist got stupid here.

Something Else Ft. Young Jeezy Prod. byFiend (Again beat knocks extremely hard, must play at loud volumes)

Jada’s last verse on this is again top notch.

“It hurts cuz they know that I’m better and they hate it, came into the game with my style and they made it, the dope boys love me in the hood I’m they favorite…im beyond these feagle mind rappers that half step, I done carved the way for these niggas like aztecs…”

One More Step Ft. STyles P Prod. by Sean C & LV (one of the better beats on the album, extra smooth)

Anytime you get these two going back and forth on a record, you know its gonna be crazy. It sorta reminds me of “We Gon Make It” from Kiss the Game Goodbye.

Cartel Gathering Ft. Ghost & Rae Prod. by Swiff D and Eddie F (again one of the few ill beats on the album)

Anytime you get Ghost, Rae, and Nas on the same album you know your dealing with a classic on your hands. See The Purple Tape for further evidence.

Cant Stop Me Ft. Ayanna Irish Prod. by Neo Da Matrix (beat is fast paced, one of those feel good tracks accompanied by lyrics of fire)

Pain and Torture Prod. by Buckwild

Record reminds me of some mid-90’s type stuff but is still a banger non the less. And again Jadakiss delivers the rawest of lyrics. What a way to start the album off.

Grind Hard Ft. Mary J. Blidge Prod. by The Inkredibles

Come on, Jada and Mary on a track together? Amazing. Mary sings her heart out on this one, while Jada lyrically slaughters each and every bar.

Those were just the top records from the album.

The song What If Ft. Nas was a great concept and both artists brought thought prevoking bars, but the production was so awful its hard for me to sit through the entire track. There collab on Kiss Tha Game Goodbye> than this attempt.

Some other notable joints on there are the Neptune produced records, Stress Ya, and Ya Now Rockin with the best which are both kinda decent. The joint with him and Sheek, Come and Get Me is another hard record on there.

Cons: The production overall could have been WAYY better. Sometimes I feel like I can pick the tracks for the artists better than they can :/

This album is easily the weakest out of his first two solo albums. I’d say they go in chronological order from best to worst. Kiss Tha Game Goodbye is a solid classic btw. 10/10 status.

OVERALL 8 out of 10 MANGOS.

Deff go out and cop if you haven’t already. Support real hiphop



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