Fresh off of his interview on WKYS with PStew and the One Nation Hip Hop Show, this past Saturday, Uptowns Finest XO drops his 4th mixtape effort. In conjunction with AB the Producer, who has deff come a long way sonically, and we deff respect his conglomerate.

This mixtape isnt the usual dark, raw, gutter sound we’ve come to expect from XO, but offers a new fresh & smoother soundm he’s created alongside AB. In my humble opinion, it definitely works.

We were the first to introduce XO to the blogosphere during this interview way back when and are extremely proud to see him making big strides in his career. With multiple mentions in the city paper and washington post alike, this young talented MC is sure to be making alot of noise in the upcoming months.



Recommended tracks are #2 For Real Niggas Only, #4 Time Out,  #5 All I Had (this ones for my ganja lovers), & #9 Idle Hands Ft. Gordo

PS: Shout out MastMindDJ for the ill logo to, I love that shit! I still need my tee with that on it!


One Response to “XO IS MONUMENTAL.”

  1. this gotta be the next up from DC homie is the truth

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