STATS @ Sneaker Pimps

Normally we wouldn’t care much for a post like this, but this up-and-coming sneaker customizer caught our eye. He managed to customize these blazers and make them look dope!  Most customs that I have come across are usually not the most wearable (nor attractive) footwear pieces, but in all honesty the artist, Stats, was able to apply his art on a sneaker as a canvas and still make them wearable.

Very well done sir.

The NYC based artist, Stats, is completing his studies at one the top design schools in the country, RISD, and is on pace to having a promising career so I suggest you keep up with him. Make sure to check him out at Sneaker Pimps DC this Saturday in order to view various other custom kicks.


2 Responses to “STATS @ Sneaker Pimps”

  1. TheSe JoiNTs ARe liiiiikkkkkkeeeee that!!! Real NICEEEE =0)

  2. wow, those are the best customized joints I’ve ever seen. Actually wearable, not shit ugly.

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