GOURMET S/S 2010 L ‘Otto.

Showcased at Bread & Butter Berlin, Gourmet (which has been a favorite brand from day 1) has presented a new style in their 2010 line  up called the L ‘Otto. We all remember the introduction to their very controversial line up back in 2008, that had a heavy influence  from Jordan silhouettes. Now, they have revamped with all new innovative approaches, taking very small ques from a range of classic silhouettes. Here, the L ‘Otto takes inspiration from the classic duck boot and fuses it with a sneaker (such as the outsole with an air bubble). The L ‘Otto is available in a  grey, red, aqua, and salmon colorwayS. Ill take those in a red grey or salmon, and I’d love to see a chick pull the salmon colorway off. (pics via. Highsnobiety)



I personally love what Grey Lucci, Greg Johnson, and Jon Buscemi got going on (no we dont know them personally, they are the minds behind the brand)! and when you guys want to do a  special colorway, make ya’ll contact RMJ. HAHA (Seriously)



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