*feel free to play while reading*

We launched this site on the first day of summer in 07. Since then millions of blogs have popped up, changing the dynamic of the blogosphere forever. So we wanted to personally thank all the people who drank a cup a day, showed love/support, and even told a friend to grab a cup. With so many options out there, we appreciate the continued support and the fact yall still take the time out to grab a daily drink.

Summer is the season we love most,  the only girl who never does us wrong. Everyone is showing skin, taking vacations, drinking ice cold cups of mango juice, breaking out icey kicks, barbecues, summer flings, pools, beaches, road trips, tatoos, and everything else that comes with this season. We got some major plans coming to fruition soon, from a relaunch, to a couple of collabs/events etc. etc.  Hope yall continue to get your daily gulps, as we’re learning everyday.

Have a safe & happy summer to everyone, make sure to make the most of it!

Y.O.L.O-You Only Live Once

And its only right to leave with the song that started it all….



  1. Is that dude from cowboy bebop? And summer comes quick as it goes.

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