Friday was dope. The scene was chill, shops were poppin,   folks were out. Overall,  in the words of  my man Jerome Baker 3rd, “Friday was a good look…” As the day went on, Jay Promo linked  up with the homie Levi Maestro along with singer/song writer BJ who were in town with Anthony Hamilton (apart of his tour). For those  that dont know, and shame on you  for not knowing, but Levi Maestro is the host/star of an online show called “Maestro Knows.” The show is based on Levi and  his day to day life out in LA through his eyes. The show has a very authentic feel to it and it was dope to actually see how Levi put it together (No script, raw footage). Here at RMJ, we catch every show as soon as they drop. It was a great connection and it was a pleasure hanging out with Levi and BJ.  Keep grinding fellas.

click below for more pictures…

Be sure to keep updated with MAESTRO KNOWS the show only gets better everytime…

Also be sure to check out BJ’s work here at www.LISTENTOBJ.com

Thanks again fellas for showing  RMJ and Commonwealth fam love.



  1. thats wats up maestro is one of my fav dudes

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