While cleaning out the back of the Ack…

I have the worst trunk cleaning…I have stuff in there from many years ago ranging from old kicks, basketballs, samples, empty bottles of privilege(soo not a good look), and a whole lot of other random shit. I usually try and “organize” it every summer because that trunk space is much needed for the road trips.

Yesterday while cleaning it out, I saw an old gold CD from a session way back (4/07 scribbled in sharpie on the front.) Remember that day like it was yesterday, because me and Wale made the same ughhhhhhhhhk *pushaT* face when we heard the beat that thee big homie Aqua sent.

Sucks that Nike had to scrap the project, would have been ILL no doubt, especially with all the other greats that were lined up to be on it.

Well with B2TF dropping tomorrow, I thought it was the perfect time to let the masses hear this. In hopes that it would hold y’all off until tomorrow. Make sure to check Wale’s twitter out tomorrow at 6pm for the tape!

Until then….


Wale Thanks the Fans


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