From the Archives: Wale Invades Richmond, VA!

WHO: Wale, UCB, Colin Munroe, RealMangoJuice

WHEN: April, 2009

WHERE: The National at Richmond, VA

RECAP: These pictures have been sitting in RMJ’s archives for quite a while, but better late than never! Wale, Tre, and the rest of UCB rocked the house at the National. Richmond, VA showed the performers plenty of love. A crazy caucasian even decided to try and jump on stage and almost got kicked out of the show but Wale came to the rescue and told security to leave him be. Then the kid attempted to stage dive. Too bad nobody caught him.  All in all, a tremendous, energetic performance. A couple attendees at the concert even did paintings for Wale! The photographs will speak for themselves. Oh and by the way, these might not be up to par with Gabby’s photos but its the best we got when she is not around lol.

More footage after the jump.

Fan-Made Painting

Colin Munroe

The Cousins

Eazy on the Drums
Janky x Tre

Rock Mikey


One Response to “From the Archives: Wale Invades Richmond, VA!”

  1. Calypso Says:

    better lighting than 930….i’m upset

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