This I must say, is very interesting. 1st,I would like to give a shout to Stephen Mann, the creative/talented mind behind, is also stylist based in London UK, and regularly contributing to Arena and Qvest magazine as well as working with designer Aitor Throup. If I am correct, he recently took part in SlamxHype’s new publication, The New Order, alongside photographer Neil Bedford. I dont know the guy personally, but he used to  frequent Superfuture’s WDYW post in the past (not so much now) and was one of the best dressed consistently and aesthetically. is a blog he follows up with every now and then with items most people  I know would go to great lengths to possess. He is a good example of  someone who is very passionate about the culture and it shows in  his documentation. Although he takes a particular liking to very hard to find garments, footwear, and accessories, he also tends to dive into literature, furniture, novelty items, collectibles, photography, and other canvases that can serve as creative outlet. Overall, one of the blogs I enjoy…

this caught my eye, very nice.

I’m not really one for DIY as it usually tends to end in disappointment, but I saw this use of cardboard tubes at C.P company and decided it would be perfect for my studio. Major grief getting 750 cardboard tubes weighing close to half a ton in to my flat on my own but I’m happy with the final result.

check out more from his blog…


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  2. […] CARDBOARD TUBING. ( « Real Mango Juice! […]

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