Recently, my good friend/graphic designer at RISD Coral Anderson, connected me with a friend of his that had a pretty interesting project that sparked my interest! Evie Tilney, the mind behind Zio Ziegler, has set out to bring a refreshing DIY feel to graphic tee designs, with his own twist. Dont get it twisted, he is not stopping at just T-Shirts but will offer an exstensive line up of hand made products  that well be displayed in their own space…heres the press release for the whole  project.


more information…

 Where does art meet commerce meet clothing meet art?  For the next three months—at 87 East Blithedale, Mill Valley.                    
 There, in a former video store, artist Zio Ziegler has transformed the space into a hybrid gallery/store.  It is featuring his densely iconographic and colorfully exuberant artworks exhibited side-by-side with hand-printed clothing and accessories, splattered with brilliantly colored images appropriated from the paintings.
              A senior at the Rhode Island School of Design concurrently studying at Brown University, Ziegler has recruited  a talented  crew of up-and-coming jewelers, industrial designers, photographers, filmmakers, and sculptors to set up smaller shows  in the space over the summer.  Ziegler’s line of t-shirts, jackets, scarves, and accessories is no such thing—not a line at all, but a series of hand-prints, each of which is unique and numbered.
 “I want every customer to have something special to take away,  an original piece of art,” Ziegler says, refreshingly backing up this assertion by pricing his work accessibly.  It would be a “green shoot” indeed in our blown-up economy if Ziegler  stands—as he very well may be standing—at the vanguard of a long overdue movement to democratize art. 
Stay tuned for more on this project…CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE, they have a  nice little visual on how they do things…

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