My nigga Wale finally dropped the vid, 1st single off of his upcoming album Attention Deficit.

Video is sick. The big homie Chris Robinson did his thing again.

I spy Black Series AMG FTW, Nike Dunk HI SB Campers FTW, Lady GAGA FTW, Lady GAGA’s dance moves FTW, Icey Infared 6’s FTW, Bens Chili Bowl FTW, Sample SIlver Half Cents FTW, OG Jordan 2’s FTW, Big G FTW, XO and Madness FTW, DJ ALIZAY FTW, Chris & Coach Bun FTW

What else yall feelin about the vid?!?


2 Responses to “WALE CHILLIN!”

  1. i spy with my very squinty eye 2:28 somebody gettin there two step diddy bop on.

  2. when yall bitchasses gonna upload the photos from the show?
    yall be loafing on this blog like shit. This blog shit is real, take it serious mo. whens the next post gonna be? next month?

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