Nike Yeezy Release Recap


The first release of Kanye West’s highly anticipated Nike shoe caused mass hysteria worldwide. It’s really amazing how much international, not just national, recognition this guy has. People lined up early, and many even camped out for days, from U.S. cities to the Philippines in expectancy for these kicks and these were not even the most desired colorway. The next release should be even crazier, as it will be a majority black sneaker.
Cmonwealth decided to raffle off the Yeezy’s and although the turnout was crazy, the process went smooth.
Here go a couple snaps from the Cmonwealth release and the next colorway to be released.

Cmon x Yeezy

Yeezy x Cmon

May 2nd at select retailers and boutiques.

Black Yeezy


2 Responses to “Nike Yeezy Release Recap”

  1. jennifer Says:

    did you snag a pair?

  2. Sikenna Says:

    These shoes go soo hard i would get these at any price .! im lovin these boiz !

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