Two Movies I Can’t Wait to See

If yall thought Borat was hilarious, anticipate this.


I’m sure the majority, if not EVERYONE, was exposed to the childhood classic book, Where The Wild Things Are. If not, you were extremely deprived as a child, and you should question what ever you did as a child. Lol just playing, but peep the trailer below.

Where the Wild Things Are

More info and images on the movie after the jump.

Directed by Spike Jonze who is from the Rockville, MD and directed music videos such as “Feel the Pain” by Dinosaur Jr (1994), “Drop” by Pharcyde (1996), “Da Funk” by Daft Punk (1997), “Guess I’m Doing Fine” by Beck (2002), “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West and many others. He’s also the directing brainchild behind “Being John Malkovich” and created/produced “Jackass” the show and produced the movie and sequel. Jonze is also notorious for directing various skateboard-themed films, such as “Rubbish Heap” (1989), “Mouse”(1996), and most recently “Fully Flared” for Lakai (2007).
Not to mention Geoff Mcfetridge hand-drew the ENTIRE title sequence.

Here’s the nostalgic image of the book cover for those who need a refresher.
Where the Wild Things Are


2 Responses to “Two Movies I Can’t Wait to See”


  2. I’M UP! I’M UP! I’M UP!

    because i fucking live in rockville. let’s fucking get it.

    but can we talk about one thing? where the wild things are was a fucking 10 page book. how did they manage to squeeze 80+ minutes of film out of that? i mean, i know the imagery was vivid, but cot damn.

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