Wanted: Evisu Vintage Right vs. Left

I want these REALLY bad…

Evisu Japanese Vintage Denim “Right Vs. Left”

click the link for the specs

Slim cut 5 pocket jeans, rivets are exposed at the front and covered at the back. Fastens with a button fly, stitching is orange and yellow contrasting tones. The Evisu gull is hand painted on the back right hand pocket only- on the left is a celebrated ‘lazy S’.

Evisu No.2 denim is the classic Japanese New Vintage Sanforized – exactly the same selvedge as their No.1 Special, but preshrunk and preskewed before being made into a pair of jeans.

The celebrated No.2 denim is 13.5 oz and green caste – the overall indigo has a traditionally Japanese green caste to it, rather than a red caste which is normally associated with old American selvedge. Loop dyed by an intricate process than involves dipping lengths of yarn then holding it high in the air to encourage oxidization before re-dipping and dying.

The denim is then shuttled loomed in Osaka, Japan and sanforized so any shrinkage when washed is kept to a minimum. No.2 denim is Right Hand Twill woven and extra tough.

Description from Oki-ni

now available at Oki-ni and soon to be available at For the Greater Good



One Response to “Wanted: Evisu Vintage Right vs. Left”

  1. the tribute to LEE jeans evisu did is *sigh* nice…

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