Doughboy Doughboy.

HUF (2002) by Keith Hufnagel. What started off as a personal desire to bring the illest streetwear, skate, footwear brands to San Fran, ended up a very successful brand with 4 different locations, probably the illest in-house line and unmatched collaborations, known worldwide, and still manages to tour the world with a Skate team…admirable as fuck. 

Yup, a repost, but one that is well worth it. These images have been flaoting around for quite sometime and now there is confirmation on the actual release. I am no skater but am a serious fan of the Doughboy sillouette from DVS. Not to mention this not the 1st collab DVS has done with HUF, they originally showcased the 1st run of Doughboys a little while back which feaured a loden-esque, green, lightblue and purple (never released), did a really dope 3m DVS 4 Runner in 4 really nice colorways, and the UXA collab on the 4 hi. So, these two houses definately are not strangers to each other…these mufuckas get busy! Upon the actual release, I guess they scrapped the original 3 colorways, kept the purple and added a black, yellow, white, and aqua (seacrystal, whatever). Just in time to prepare for the great weather ahead, at least here on the east coast…this is a style I dont mind having all 5 colors in and keeping them in rotation heavy! Dont be suprised if I do…FEB 28th. Hopefully I can get my pairs…way to clean to pass up!

images via HUF


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