I don’t know why but Nike’s latest stab in the “hybrid” department looks a lot like a classic Vans silhouette. I’m a big fan of both brands, but deff not a fan of the “lack of creativity syndrome”. Although it is said to be a mix of the Sabuka (which is one of my fav cojp models) and the Blazer. I still find these to be too damn similar to the chukkas.

Not saying they aren’t ill, but damn what happened to the creativity?!?

You be the judge…


3 Responses to “HMMMMM?”

  1. As much as I completely agree, you know I like to be a natural ass and speak in the technical. The “chukka” style has no ownership to anything new or what we consider OG. The traditional “chukka” styled shoe has eveolved over a long period of time…basically, EVERYBODY BIT!

    anyone got any info on the origin of the style?

  2. i new u were gonna post the nikes. whats up. end of the month trip to mercer st.
    Everyones knocking everyone. and nike been had a shoe along these lines before the hype of the chukka. the joint with the blue shark teeth on the heel i believe. forget the name

  3. i agree somewhat with the “lack of creativity” comment, but sometimes simple is the best way to go. yeah sure- they’re plain, but in the same context, also verryy clean.

    props on the site homie

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