new specs.

Its LONG over due but yah boy needs some new specs and for the most part I am keeping it simple. I have been wearing a pair of frames from Prada Optical and honestly, I love them. They are very simple and I have had them for almost 5 years (yeah thats a long ass time haha). The thing I liked the most about them, was it was blk with a very subtle grey pinstripe on the interior of the glasses. Unfortunately, my glasses witnessed a pretty bad fracture and as of now, they are keeping together with super glue, and even then, i still lov’em. If I could find them again, I would probably go back, BUT I need something new. Something of similar aesthetic, something everyday, something new.

click below for my options.

I have two brands in particular I am choosing between, but which one to go with? Very popular brand Moscot (homie Rhett out me onto these a while back) an optical establishment serving NY for over 90+ years with clients such as my favorite A list actor Johnny Depp as well as rock n roll pioneer Buddy Holiday. Frame style: Nebb (2nd and 3rd frame). Second on the list is from London based optical company that has been serving in optical care for over 130 years, Anglo American. Frame Style: 181E (1st frame)

The last Moscot Nebb was more so an honorable mention, I tend to think I look acceptable in blk frames only. Plus, its as simple as can be. I am leaning towards Moscot because of the simple fact that (judging by their philosophies via the site) its a bit of a process in order to obtain a pair and they do their best in order to cater to their customer. I may just take that experience while in NY, why not? Although, I like the Nebb because it looks sleek and not as buky as Anglo American 181e, I love the fact that the 181e comes in matt black. Tough decision…


4 Responses to “new specs.”

  1. Nita G. Darlington Says:

    I totally understand you loving your frames. I love mine so much I think I may buy the same exact pair when the time comes for me to buy more (if they’re still available). I know how much you love your Pradas. I said it once and I’ll say it again…you look great in Prada 🙂

  2. thats how my frames looked after a snowboard spill like two winters ago.

  3. you should check out Oliver Peoples

    they did a nice collab with nom de guerre a while back

  4. ^ I did love those collabs they did with NDG. At the time I definately was not thinking about dropping $350 on some frames. I would now though if they were available 🙂

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