FOLK. S.S // 09.

Scottish brand FOLK (Cathal McAteer), has definately been establishing their selves ever since surfacing in 2001. Since then, they have been able to create a very distinctive look, and has gained much noteriety. I personally like the line, and have for a while. Every season, the pieces get a little more detailed, yet stick to its original blueprint. For me, I love their knitwear as well as their branding. Also check for their shoe brand, ShoFolk. Oki-ni is doing special secret pre-orders for the collection here. The 1st knit bellow as well as the trousers are my personal favs.


3 Responses to “FOLK. S.S // 09.”

  1. I would totally buy the first sweater for myself. Thankfully it’s the type of sweater that would look good a little big.

    I wish companies would start producing a men’s XS.

  2. Hey Jennifer
    Folk do produce a size 1 (XS) and at our own store many girls (including myself) buy a size 1 or 2 and wear the knits and shirts.

    Unfortunately most stores dont buy in a 1 so we have only limited numbers produced, you can check on for small sizes

    Take it easy

    • well there you have it Jennifer. I personally love the 1st knit, and also love the fact that a female utilize a males garment into their own. I wish more chicks in DC were like that lol. Hopefully For The Greater good will look into getting this account. 😉

      and thanks for the info Maggie.

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