ONLINE = cocaine?!?!

Okay, this shits bananas. I was curious as to what my favorite song from Brothers Johnson, Strawberry Letter 23, meant? So, I googled it. To my suprise, I found this site called Little skepital, but I checked it out. Its pretty much a forum, that cators to people personal, most intelligent answers to what certain songs mean. I found out what Strawberry Letter 23 meant…some DEEP shit. It gets better though. I fuck with Gnarls Barkley, BOTH ALBUMS are beyond its time. I can admit, some of the contant is so deep, my brain dies everytime trying to figure out the true meaning of their craft. So one song I looked up in particular from the 1st album was “Online.” Now this song has a really dope beat to it, really classic, 70’s, electic guitar, bass hit type shit…So factor those characteristics with the content. peep the lyrics as well as results.

Im on the line
Im on the line
Once I clean my mirror
Im a be feeling fine
Trying to get there is
All thats on my mind
When Im on the line

Even though I run my race
With a smile on my face
It aint easy, naw it aint easy
Feel like the life of the party
But its all in your mind
On the line

Im on the line
Im on the line
Once I clean my mirror
Im a be felling fine
Even when you falling
Just pretend your flying
When ya on the line

Im with everybody but Im still alone
Just look down thats my line your standing on
Lets keep it friendly and well be just fine
But dont cross that line

now both together.

Ok, so you have the characteristics as well as content..would you believe this song is about Cocaine? hahahaha crazy shit, and there are some smart ass people in the world, or maybe im slow.


2 Responses to “ONLINE = cocaine?!?!”

  1. ur just slow young LOL! listen to the lines its all right there….not straight out but its there homie lol

  2. you know Shuggie Otis wrote the original Strawberry Letter 23

    they just interviewed him in the last wax poetics issue

    & asked him what the song was about yo…you should get that issue the interview is sick. He pretty much said it was about a specific emotional, spiritual, & physical state of bliss when in Love…he gets way deeper into it tho. Definitely worth getting they got an mf doom and slick rick interview also!

    –lyrics for that Gnarls Barkley track are crazy yo…i could definitely see how its about that white.

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