Monique, this is for you homie!!!

Stopped by Jeff Staples blog, and noticed, he had a post on the Black berry Storm vs. Iphone. Although, I am somewhat new to the Blackberry family, it didnt take me long to be loyal to the BB family. Iphone smiphone I say…im not gonna say, FUCK the iphone, but I like my Blackberry. As far as function, nothing beats. My upgrade, will be with either the Blackberry Bold in 09 (hopefully) or the 8900 that released in Europe (drools). My bestfriend and I are always disputing as to whats the best. The other day, I was in the elevator with an elder fellow, and my man just blurted out “…I just cant get rid of this thing, its the best phone I have ever had” refering to his 8700…I completely agreed with him. hahaha

This one is for you Mo. 😉



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