Another personal again.

On my personal shit again…only cause my daily is hectic and the substance is not always good.

photography by Terry Richardson

some lovers, some haters, most just pretend. Why not wait till the new years? cause you probably didn’t read my post prior to this one, idiot. This is NOT a new years resolution, this is not what I plan to change “in the 09.” This is ME on a personal level, me changing cause now is the time, not cause of the time. Put in random order to create some balance. For your Tuesday morning read. Goodnight Monday. (Italian people call blk people Mondays HAHAHA)

read up.


Control, makes sense in some aspects. We, for the most part, live in a controlled society. Very few are able to live uncontrolled lives. Merely impossible. Even the things that should come natural, some of the most organic aspects of life, in many ways, are controlled. We are told how to love, we are even told, when to love. Its presented as a “proposal” in order to deny the fact that, some extreme force(s), wants (not prefers) you to act accordingly. Its inhumane I tell you and I do not know where I was going with that.


deleted (refer down to social networks)


…they say thats one of the keys to success. I believe so. Also the key for forgiving those who don’t appreciate you. Some people spend a lifetime trying to please people who essentially, don’t want to be pleased. Some people leave and dont tell you why, nor can give a good explanation (if any) for their departure. Asking, how do you let go of something your heart is attached to? Letting go, thats like suicide. I would love to see a plane take off, with no guidance. With that being said, as I stress always, forgive. Now if you choose not to forget, thats on you. Remember there is no sense in grieving over negativity. Live with no regret, sleep knowing you did your best. Shits TOUGH though lol.


For some reason, I cannot bring myself to buy another pair. My bad Wale and Dan, but I just cant! haha


…in my opinion, should last for 10 min, TOPS! Then, once that 10 minutes is up, reality should take its place, the ability to learn and exercising change should kick in, and whallah!!! what do you have? GROWTH. People take it for granted, and dont realize some people dont ever get the satisfaction of someone who…cares? Yeah, uh huh cares. Some of us live with our heads so far up our asses, you couldn’t tell the ones who care about you vs. the ones who could give a flying fuck. News flash, the ones who care, doesn’t care if your smiling, they care about telling you the TRUTH in order for you live a long, prosperous, and meaningful life. So, unless you have genuine friends, look through your roll-a-decks and search for contacts under “Enemies.” Thats if and only “IF” you can handle someone telling you all the shit you need to work on. Enemies have nothing to lie about, while best friends (not all) got alot to lie about…and for good reason, but what would you prefer?


I may see whassup, not that personal, seems like fun.


…has taken different shapes and sizes over the past years. With the internet being the pinnacle of it, where the fuck is it going? I am not going to say cyber (that word sounds really raunchy lol) networking is all bad, cause its not, I would be contradicting myself (notice, im on the internet now) lol. I mean fuck, what happened to face-to-face interaction? Shit or even verbal at that. As technology grows, the need for verbal and formal interaction decreases. Why meet someone, completely ruling out the intimacy and vibes that could be shared amongst other great things that could present itself, just by verbally communicating with someone. I read about creative minds, designers, socialist, all the time (blogs) but even within them, the most amusing ones are the ones who still believe in personal networking. The ones who connect at a dinner table, lunch maybe, or even the couch of an office. I am 22 and usually come off shy, saying we need to bring back personal networking. Text minus emotion = miscommunication. Yet, people prefer to send you a myspace/facebook message, text message, instant messenger, and most of the time its nothing but a phone call away (worse if you not even busy)…that doesn’t seem off to you?


Is fucking dangerous. People tend to fool/play with it alot though…wonder why?


To be inspired. Learning new things from new people and new places. Taking that and making them aspects to my creative path. I have these conversations with my peers daily about life and its events. Shits the best (refer back to social networking).


fucking SUCKS.


Honestly, I am starting to dislike everything that comes along with the word free. Dont get me wrong, recieving things for free is a great feeling, but I guess growing up in a house where “nothing is ever for free” kinda sticks to you after 18 odd years. I mean have you seen how people react once they hear something is for free? One of the biggest components to marketing sales or products, is free. Free for me = settling for something you don’t even really want. Doesn’t that sound bad to you? Why would you want to do that? I am not rich, yet I shoot for the best. If you have a strong appreciation for anything, its worth shouldn’t matter. Now, this does not mean step out of your means to obtain something, NO! Have some class though, show some integrity. Its kinda bad that the word “free” has many by the choke hold. Like my peeps always say “if its worth having, then its worth paying for” I am sure they didn’t say it but you get the point…Nothing wrong with accepting gifts though 😉


Is DOPE. On some real shit.


I can wear ALL fucking day!


OK…on some real shit, there not meant to keep reposting what you see on other blogs. Fuck whether you like it or not, its supposed to be personal and half the time its a copy and paste. At least, if you feel the need you should copy everything you see, why not give it a twist, try, adding a descriptive write up maybe or just your own personal beliefs…word to Ryan from h(y)r collective and his success with his works. Why in the hell do ya’ll feel like you are just as important as highsnob, hypebeast, or slamx? I only go to Kanye blog for the women. hahaha


Inauguration!!!!!! Very excited for the times and events ahead.


…helps a whole lot. For some reason, the selfish ones never figure that out. They rather people walk endless walks, thinking endless thoughts, and never really knowing…thats pretty fucked up, and the long term effects! Oh shit! Now thats fucked up, cause the reason people arent up front with people, is because they are afraid. Making novels out of short stories, just so they dont get the ass end of being “truthful.” Guess selfrespect and caring for others doesnt count for anything these days. So weak…but I love everone and everything.


…not to far behind from being deleted!

to be continued….


5 Responses to “Another personal again.”

  1. Nice post, big ups on a personal throw down. I am really feelin’ all of the topics.

  2. The “blogs” part was beyond on point

  3. shadtothecity Says:

    I can dig it…and Gucci Mane does suck….

  4. Fly boxer Says:

    I thought I was the only person who thought that way about people playing with love,wavy post!

  5. Having an opinion is the “new” for ’09?

    Bringing back “phone” conversations (or at least black berry messenger)?

    TwitterBerry is the jump though, lets get it!!

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