not spanish…Sweden based boutique, Supermarket + online store.

grocery list :: S.N.S. Herning, UnRivaled, Wood Wood, Porter, Burglar, NDG, Our Legacy…

my picks.

Be Positive.

II Chukka leather and nubuk :: just clean.

and more.

Our Legacy.

Rain coat :: its simple and extended.


El Playa Baseball Jacket (mmmm I wish I could afford this piece here lol) Detail on this one is very nice. Straying away from the standard blueprint the leather accents are a great addition. Flap button pocket on one side along with zipper pocket on the left chest.

last but not least


Tom Sweat pant :: interesting, but this is a really nice sweat pant. I dont necessarily see sweatpants for the most part. I think the presentation is playing a heavy role as to why I have taken a liking to these (I would probably wear them just like that). Pretty versitile and the price doesn’t seem bad either.

very nice. hope to see more from this establishment. They provide international shipping that isnt all that bad.

via. Supermarket


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