NBA Ankle Breaks

The NBA is going nuts right now.

The latest.
D-Wade vs. OJ Mayo

Mr. Rose vs. Andre Miller

Jamal Crawford vs. Jesus Shuttlesworth


After the jump is the best fall of them all.

Just wait for it.
Scarlett vs. the table


6 Responses to “NBA Ankle Breaks”

  1. hot damn. that’s ridiculous. although the wade joint, mayo just hit his own teammate after a little slip-up. it looked worse than it prolly actually was. for his sake. and hot damn. they shook jesus. i thought he was supposed to be godlike? shit.

    and what happened to rod strickland? i think you’ve helped me develop my next post.

  2. Jamal Crawford fucked him up. He aint have to do my boy shuttlesworth like that

    I laughed my ass off watchin that chick fall off the table..hilarious

  3. Ayo…

    Never seen a crossover drop 2 cats. That D-Wade shit was crazy!

  4. Woah, almost didn’t see that chick on the table. LMFAO….

  5. That D-Wade shit is suspect…OJ only fell cause dude got in the way

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