Slight turn of 22 events…

my personal favorite print from Kevin Lyons. Damn those generation gaps…lolThis is were RMJ gets personal. So lets put the material wants, gossip (not that we even do that here), and the rest of the internet mumbo jumbo down.

Its me, yeah you know who it is…im turning 22 tommorow. I am 21 today, and the transition brings nothing but…nothing. As of late, I have been really critical about my next move, my career paths, what I will be tackling in the future. If I let others tell it, there would be an extensive list of “to do’s” I would need to accomplish. As always, I press stop, then rewind, and press play on my own terms. Vision is slightly blurred, but as time goes on, it becomes clear. Mistakes are merely blessings, and a great opportunity to make better decisions in the future. Creativity in its best form is naturally, but being proactive is not a crime. Sometimes, sayings “fuck it” following the reality of going head on with goals, is better then reciting that dumb ass “im on my 0(fill in the year in here) shit.” With that being said, when the new year arrives, I wont be on my 09 shit. Ill be 22 taking bigger steps into what God put me on this earth to do, which is what I want to do, and people, I think I know what it is. I put my glass up (cause I cant smoke right now lol) and say cheers, not to the new year, but to a growing me. A better me…a me that just says…FUCK IT.


random thought: I am sure people are going to see this, only a certain type of person and they will ask thereselves…”did he wish himself a happy birthday, before his birthday is even here? he is sooo cocky” lmao…and my rebutal: fuck you very much. 🙂

to be continued…

taken from comments…

who cares omg Adrian is on the fucking down loo”

I dont even know what that means lol illiterate fuck…more to come…lol


3 Responses to “Slight turn of 22 events…”

  1. ….interesting

  2. Goooood ish. Happy birthday

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