…and it begins.

Holiday season is here and every season, I happen to stumble upon something very nice. For the most part, I have probably had my eye on something, been looking for something, ect. Whatever it may be, I end up with it, or something better and for a rediculous price. Last year was the navy blue wool duffle coat (oh i love toggles) from Ralph Lauren for $100.

The homie Rhett put me onto these early in the year but by that time, they sold out QUICK! I ended up with patent leather Sperry’s for $26 each. Black and Navy blue…something to hold onto for the warmer days ahead.

this may be the purchase of 08!

Oh and I would have had grey Common Project Achillies hi if it wasnt for a certain RMJ member!!!!!! FOR $140!!!! LMAO J/K.


5 Responses to “…and it begins.”

  1. emanatlarge Says:

    Where did you cop the sperry’s from? The black ones are pretty nice. Hook me up on the low down!!

  2. streetetiquette Says:

    lol yo im wondering same question lol let me know

  3. Bloomingdales out here in DC. Plus a good friend of mine added her discount to it…

    i got lucky.

  4. emanatlarge Says:

    What location? Or is there only one BD in DC?

  5. LOL, These Common Projects are sweet…for 140..
    earlier bird gets the worm

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