Blackbird Seattle.

Blackbird has finally opened their online store, and I must say, I like it. Very functional. Far better then alot of their competing online shops. Great Job.

Side note: Blackbird, in my opinion are very sharp on customer service, from the content of the site/blog to the way they respond in emails about inquires. Its great to see an establishment carry such consistancy all around.

A few pieces that caught my eye: Robert Geller hand coated toggle coat, Robert Geller Souvenir Jacket, Rachel Comey Hazard Canvas shoes, and Coming Soon Canvas high top sneaker in wht and blk.

hmmmmm…now I must x that box quickly and forget I even saw it. haha.


2 Responses to “Blackbird Seattle.”

  1. I just took a peek… ill quality there.


    Yeah, it’s all about the material and quality, chum. I can’t get into a lot of these brands everyone is wearing but it’s not what you own but who owns it… and that person’s sense of fashion.

    Peace, GAWD.

  2. This is K.I.I.T.C. approved. lol

    Yes, good post & quite a bit of substance.

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