Alchemist, Snoop, Jadakiss, Pusha-Lose Your Life

Alchemist dropped his new EP today The CookBook, he never disappoints so go cop.

This song is amazing, loved it the first time i heard it, the video has an amazing concept as well.

Check it out.


One Response to “Alchemist, Snoop, Jadakiss, Pusha-Lose Your Life”

  1. this joint is insane. i was in vegas and i stumbled across the undefeated. my curious self wandered in, and i heard this, along with the entire EP, blasting through their speakers. alchemist is a G. almost as G as evidence! they remind me of each other for some reason. prolly cuz evidence is always on an alchemist beat. the EP is almost as crucial as the “1st infantry” joint he came out with a while ago. i don’t buy albums, and i bought that. that joint “different worlds” was INSANE. i’m throwing it up just in case anybody hasn’t heard it:

    oh yeah, and i met a dude neek in the stussy las vegas store, he says you guys keep it extra trill!!! no joke. ha.

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