DO NOT COPY dropped their 1st tee in conjunction of the election this year and its quite obvious as to who they support. Other than Undercrowns Obama tee, this one is the dopest by far (Undercrown did there thing on that tee, whaddup Gilbere, i still need a tee). We also decided to help them promote the tee as well. Given is a small bio as well as good look at the tee, im pretty sure all you Jordan heads will love this one…ALSO take the time to read what DNC is all about, this isnt the 1st project we will see from them.

Barack O Blackmon.

The tees are $25 and $20 for any additional orders. Screen printed on pre-shrunk cotton tee, the white is limited to 120 pieces while the black is for friends and family in the future, or if you get lucky. This is supported by Real Mango Juice and for inquires on these shirts, shoot us an email at info@realmangojuice.com


“…those rednecks at Sarah Palins rally *whispers*…they want to fuck her…” – Bill Maher (funniest shit ever lmfao)


2 Responses to “DNC: BARACK O BLACKMON”

  1. DutchMaster Says:

    This is a great shirt man, the black one is one of my favorite shirts i think ive ever seen lol, but hey if you ever want to sell me one im interested. Drop me an email.

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