h(y)r collective.

With the abundance of repetitive substance that plagues the internet communities these days, its hard to really distinguish quality, amongst all of the quantity. Even these days, im not all that hungry about blogging unless its more so on a personal level. Then that leaves me at a lost, because im not the type to exploit my most personal endeavors. Everybody is fresh, everybody has the latest, everybody is dieing to be in the “know” and quite frankly, its getting extremely wack. I can admit though, sometimes when you find some information that is more so appreciated on a personal level, you feel the need to support, unconscientiously¬† creating more of same repetitive BS. Its hard, I know. Nonetheless, there are a few sites that are more so enjoyable, but I can honestly say, it stops here with Canadian bread online magazine, h(y)r collective. A bit more intimate then honeyee, and updates a bit more than Inquiring Minds, h(y)r collective is pure love for whom it concerns. Only 6 issues deep, these guys have been able to create an identity Combining contemporary mens fashion as well as art, that tends to dive into personal views and opinions, as well as great interviews and insight of some of the most compelling designers, art directors, and up and coming entrepreneurs in todays lifestyle community. Catching up with “quiet” contributor Brendon Babenzien for Supreme, Noah, and Aprix as well as giving their viewers a more in depth look at lines such as Stussy Deluxe, Common Projects, and Visvim, its pretty evident that h(y)r collective does the research no one else wants to do. Some people are interested in the product and the product only, but h(y)r caters to the consumer who is passionate about the culture, appreciates the product, and is equally interested in the mind(s) of its creator(s). While indulging their content, browsing through their easy-to-navigate pages, their music selection upon entering, is phenomenal (Past issues open up with smooth melodic mixes with Black Milk, J Dilla and Mos Def). Mixing the two specific genres for me is admirable because it rarely happens (hip hop & mens fashion). I for one am horrible at multi-tasking but their selection of music makes it easy for me to enjoy both. Welp, thats enough of that…

ISSUE #6 HAS SURFACED and I for one am always left wanting more…


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