Brad Jordan.

Who really wanna fuck wit Brad?

Just when I thought the kids in the class, or the cooler kids, or the swaggerific swaggies couldnt be basterdized anymore, I was saved (sidenote: appearently this new craze is called Hipster Rap…imma just nod and say ok). I happened to be making my internet rounds, I happened to stop by h.e.r. to see whats poppin. To my suprise, she had up the new single from Scarface’s “Emeritus”…shit before me!!! LOL. Much props for that…

Not to big on Wayne, BUT we are AVID appreciators of REAL southern hip-hop, even though its scarse. Brad and Bun, OG’s, OG TRIPLE O FUCKIN G. Dont get me started though, cause I dont think fuckas can hear me over the snapping and bullshit…lol n e who. Thanks h.e.r.

Scarface Featuring Bun-B and Lil Wayne – Forgot About Me


P.S. and would you believe, it aint got no comment love???? smh.


3 Responses to “Brad Jordan.”

  1. i got your comment love. whose more OG status tho, bun or brad? and whose last album goes harder? and i think hat big dogg status joint with wayne may have been better.

    am i crazy for that last statement?

  2. This guy!!! Real recognize real Modi…but for me, I’ve been a heavy Scarface appreciator since waaaayyyyy back…and that dude is one of the most consistant rappers ever…will and forever be classic in my eyes…and big dawg status was CRAZY and classic Scarface material…Bun is the same way though, but Bun could never tell a story like Face…and that’s my defence…word to Boy meets GIrl?

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